Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cavorting at el hospitalito at PPA

Friday, November 21, 2008

Our Work is Done

Weston, Lulu, and Laura went early to butter the rolls. Annie was the slacker who had another cup of tea and a piece of coffee cake from the bakery around the block.

There was no one to entertain in el hospitalito, so Annie spent some of the morning with the babies and toddlers, Renato, Rosio, Angel, Fidel, and Mateo to name a few. It is amazing how open they are to accept affection and attention from new people. One of the favorite toys was a basketball, which Renato kept sitting on and bouncing himself up and down. Perhaps he has a future in the NBA. Laura came in later, having finished the rolls, to help and play with the babies. Annie took Renato for a twenty minute walk to use up some of his energy. He seemed to enjoy the quiet and the out of doors. Lulu spent the morning with Rosa Christina. They visited us in the baby area. Weston weeded.

At 10:30 Annie went to give an English lesson to two sixth graders. One of them was Jessica, from the home visit, the other one was a very sharp girl named Julissa. They were quite attentive and practiced sentences about family, foods they like to eat, dances, professions, and clothes. Weston came to say good bye. He left on an afternoon flight to Cusco to start the Inca Trek. He is sure a good sport to hang out with the middle-aged ladies. It was with full hearts that we all left PPA today.

We went to Qubba via the luxurious SUV of a Peruvian volunteer at PPA. She expressed her thanks to us, and we to her for all she does. Lulu says she is very good with the children. After lunch Edith and Laura went on a search for the right size diaper for the kids in the cubicle where Laura volunteered. The pharmacy had all the sizes but the one they needed.

Annie stopped off at the photo store and made copies of pictures of PPA staff members that the team had taken. Edith will distribute them next week.

Laura is leaving tonight so we went a bit earlier to dinner at San Antonio’s, the place with the artichoke pastel, chocolate cloud (steamed milk infused with chocolate and served with whipped cream and meringue pieces) and macaroons and chocolate cake. We took pictures of Edith doing the two fingers pointing at her eyes and then us, meaning “I’m looking at (watching) you!” Annie gave Lulu and Laura three CD’s each that hold all of our team’s pictures.

It was tough to say goodbye. We’ve laughed so much; learned about empathy, ourselves, and others; and reminded ourselves how much can accomplished when people work together as a team. We recommend a Global Volunteers adventure to everyone as a way to wage peace and remember what it’s like to be really human.

Playing Twister

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